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Photography has been a passion since I was about 13 years old. At 16 I decided to look for a job doing photography and was hired at a portrait studio in my area. During the week I would crop negatives and design wedding albums and on the weekends I would volunteer my time to train under the main photographer. After 2 years I became the main photographer. Thats when I was talked into to doing a friend of a friends wedding… so at 18 years old I shot my first wedding. I was so nervous I was sick to my stomach! Thankfully everything went well and soon I was shooting more weddings. Still I wanted to take my wedding photography to the next level and one day while eating lunch with my mom we stumbled across an amazing wedding studio- I loved every image on the wall- they were vibrant and elegant and full of emotion and beauty. This is how I wanted to shoot! We went inside and spoke to one of the photographers. They had a team of 6 men who shot for them. Later that month I tagged along on a job with one of the studio owners and after was invited to have a meeting with him and his partner. They hired me and I started working for them the following month at 19 years old.

I shot for that studio for 4 years and learned so many things about photography and the industry and was able to grow in so many ways. Not to mention I had the privilege of shooting with 100’s of couples and documenting their love stories!

After 4 years it was my time to move on … the grand opening of my new baby ES Photography was August of 2005. It has been a roller coaster for sure! But I highly recommend owning your own business- there are few things more exhausting and rewarding! To date I have not done any sort of advertising yet the phone keeps ringing which I gratefully attribute to my wonderful clients and amazing vendors that keep referring me!

I love photographing all sorts of people, and the cherry on top is capturing someone in the moment. I enjoy sharing each moment with my clients as much as I enjoy documenting them. My goal on any shoot is to know my clients well enough to understand their vision and capture their beauty & uniqueness. I like to keep things fun and carefree whether I’m shooting a portrait or a large event. Because my clients enjoy the overall experience their natural and happy spirit is reflected in their final images. There are highlights of life that are just too important to let slip by. As a photographer my greatest reward is the gift of stopping time. When your images help you remember the details, relive the romance, and feel the joy, then I’ve done my job!