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Johnny and I met while working for the same wedding photography studio. As the years continued on we both veered away from one another to start our own companies, but always maintained friends. Then one day, something just clicked, we started dating and we have been together ever since.

We both share a passion for travel, good food, and photography. These passions have translated into our art and our relationship. Our lives have been a series of incredible moments, from our trip to South America when Johnny got down on one knee at the top of Machu Picchu tied a string around my finger and said, “We make such a great team.” To a year later surrounded by our closest friends, to say our vows in Marrakech, Morocco. And then as we both would tell you, the most intense and beautiful moment in our lives, watching our baby girl Joey come into this world. She is the light of our lives, and the biggest adventure we’ve had thus far. She fit right into our little team, within her first year of life she already had 3 stamps in her passport and we can’t wait to see that number grow along with her!

We each have our own approach and our own style when it comes to shooting. Johnny is more technically driven, his shots are calculated, consistent, and perfectly composed. I on the other hand am more spontaneous, and free flowing behind the camera. I live to capture moments of emotion, intimacy, and relationship. When we collaborate on a project the elements of our styles come together to create striking and powerful images. Joining our talents and working as a team has given us so many advantages, from having the ability to focus on our individual strengths, to learning new skill sets to just having more fun together on the job. We constantly open each others eyes to new perspectives and challenge one another to grow. Like travel, working together on different projects has truly strengthened our relationship. It has given us the opportunity to document so many epic love stories and share so many life altering moments. It has taught us how to work as a team in the less ideal situations like when things go wrong on a wedding day ( this never happens, wink wink ) or when we are trudging through Moscow in the snow hopelessly lost, with all of our luggage in tow! If you can get through those challenging moments ( and still love each other ) you can pretty much do anything in my opinion.

We have shot projects all over the world, from Brazil to Australia, and a hundred places in between. And while we have been shooting both together and separately for seven years, we finally decided it was time to combine our forces and step forward with the official launch of Boone Studios. And so here we are today, doing what we live for. Bringing all of our talents and all of our knowledge to capture your moments as they should be captured—in all their beauty, in all their adventure, and in all their joy. And I must say we are having a blast along the way!